About Us

The company was founded in 2010 on the initiative of President Slawomir Michalski. With the help of experts from various fields (mostly former military), which lies at the heart of the issue of modernity and combat readiness of our armed forces and state security services, he undertook to create a company whose goal is to participate in the process of supplying power institutions with modern equipment and facilities.

The company’s goal is to work closely with the Ministry of National Defense in the area of ​​defining supply needs, advice on the selection of equipment meeting the requirements of future users and lobbying for the most modern, best meet the requirements of the products.

In addition, Cedar Services works with home defense industry and foreign producers. We look forward to cooperation with all companies and institutions that are interested in a good condition to ensure the country’s security forces, their high combat readiness and a significant position within NATO or the EU.

The team involved, creative and experienced professionals in the field of technology, training, organization, law and many other fields, ensures that the company is a reliable guarantor of success in business for herself and organizations cooperating with it. They all have permission to access confidential information.

For the tasks Cedar Services has the necessary powers, including: