Colt logo Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC

Colt® is the global military small arms leader. Its core products include modern assault rifles, hand guns, machine guns, grenade launchers and sporting rifles. Its main clients are military forces and law enforcement agencies. The Company is Technical Data Pocket owner and the largest supplier of the M4 Carbine and M16 Rifle. Colt enjoys its unmatched reputation for quality.

siltec logo SILTEC Sp. z o.o.

SILTEC Sp. z o.o. provides domestic and international customers with most reliable products: IT equipment designed for protection of classified and sensitive information; low and high power generating sets and UPS systems and special solutions destined for uniform services and central national institutions.

logo Swieca i partnerzy Świeca & Partners

Law Office of Świeca & Partners LP is an intensively developing firm on the Polish legal services market. It stands out by progressive functioning that aims for providing complex legal and business support for both entrepreneurs and individual clients.

dgt logo DGT

DGT is the provider of comprehensive telecommunication and IT solutions. The company develops and integrates the innovative technologies of fast data, video and voice transmission, Internet access, and broadband multimedia services access using traditional media and convergent networks.

acm logo Autocomp Management

The company has a great history of supplying automated systems and devices as well as developing new new systems on demand and upgrading existing ones. The company excells in research and development tasks as well as systems implementation in the field of automation and control, perimiter site security, simulators and training devices, wireless return information control as well as software solutions for private investors, the military and higher education facilities.

logo mim

Mars & Merkury Poland

The Association consists of over seventy members – mostly retired generals, officers and cadets of the Polish Army, active in the sector of private and state enterprise.

logo bio

Military Institute of Armament Technology

As the Institute creates a scientific background for the Army being a part of NATO structure its main goal is to maintain the highest level of specialisation in domains which decide about art of technology level for weapon systems and equipment for the Armed Forces and which due to the prestige and economical reasons should be manufactured in country.